Uggs vs Bearpaw

I get it. A pair of winter boots can be a gigantic investment. Particularly if you want to pick up a trendy name brand like Ugg boots. So naturally you want to make sure you are getting the best value for your money, but also purchasing something that is going to last you more than one season. What’s a girl (or guy!) to do?

Thankfully you have me by your side. Because of course I have owned every type of boot known to humankind. I have some definite opinions about the pros and cons of Uggs versus Bearpaw boots.

Another option that no one talks about in these conversations is Skechers! I can’t think of the name of the style boot they make right now that looks like Uggs, but I owned a pair for a solid seven years or more, and I loved them. I’m only writing about them in past tense now because I put them in storage over one particularly humid summer, and ended up losing my Skechers winter boots to a nasty case of crawl space mold. I’m still pretty bitter about that. I got compliments on these boots all the time. They even had a little tag on the back that said “Skechers,” (where the Uggs label would normally be,) but everyone assumed they were Uggs. They were super comfortable and durable. I wore them all the time and they lasted really well. Plus they were a fraction of the cost of a new pair of Uggs. I love Skechers brand so much that I wrote a whole blog post about them, so check that out to get some idea of my love for their products. I digress though. All that just to say, if you’re comparing Ugg and Bearpaw, you might also want to consider a good pair of Skechers boots.

Anyway. A little bit of background info. All the Uggs I’ve owned have been second hand. They last forever, so if you don’t want to drop a ton of cash on a brand new pair, used is just fine. I just want to say, however, they tell you that socks are not necessary with Uggs (or Bearpaw either for that matter) and this is a lie! I have bought secondhand Uggs online only to find that they have a distinct “foot” odor in them already. Wear socks, people. Your feet are going to sweat all in these boots, and if you want them to last, as far as I’m concerned that includes not stinking. Just a friendly public service announcement!

Uggs are typically made from sheepskin, and a lot of animal rights activists get up in arms about this. That’s quite honestly another reason why I made it a point to purchase mine second-hand. Bearpaw boots are also known for being made out of sheepskin, however Bearpaw also offers animal-free options. So if you’re conscious of your environmental impact or animal rights, Bearpaw may be the way to go. (Or I think the Skechers version is all synthetic, actually! But don’t quote me on that – if you’re concerned about this, please double check for yourself!)

Another thing to note is that Ugg has been around a lot longer than Bearpaw. I love my Bearpaws and I wear them a lot, and I have never encountered a situation where I wore them out. To me they are all long lasting brands. However, over the course of a lifetime, Uggs are rated to last a lot longer and to be more durable. It depends how long you think you’re going to like the style and want to keep them, honestly. If it’s more than ten years, Uggs might be an investment worth making. However, anything less than that, and your Bearpaws or Skechers will last you just fine. Climate also plays a large part in this. Unless you live somewhere with absolutely no summer, these are seasonally worn boots. You’re not likely to wear your winter boots very often in summer. So any of these brands is likely to last a good long while, being worn only some of the year. I live in a climate where I typically bust mine out around October and put them away in March. But you do you, boo! 🙂

Ugg does have the upper hand in terms of more of a variety of colors and styles. It depends what you’re looking for. If you want something simple or classic, Skechers or Bearpaw might give you exactly what you’re looking for. If you want your boots to be a bit more unique, check out Uggs’ selection – just be prepared to shell out some dough for your trendy style.

Ugg is also rated to be more comfortable, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. I would not describe my Skechers or Bearpaws as anything less than comfortable. Uggs have more of a lining, but if you’re going to wear them barefoot, (which, don’t…) then the fur could get between your toes and feel rather annoying. I say that from experience. Uggs may be a little softer and more cushioned, but you are not going to be uncomfortable in any of these brands.

Ultimately, you’re not going to go wrong with any of these brands. It all comes down to your priorities in life. If fashion and style, brand recognition, or perhaps a bit of added warmth and durability, are factors that you are willing to pay extra for, then I would strongly consider a pair of Uggs. If you aren’t going to go out in the snow a lot, and budget is a factor, go for Bearpaw or Skechers instead. You’ll be just as comfortable and happy with them.