Holy Sandals, Batman

Hi. My name is Kisumu, and I am a sandal-holic.

*not my actual sandal collection. But still.

I love sandals, y’all. I think it goes back to childhood when I would always run around outside barefoot. My feet just like to be free to breathe. As much as I love shoes, I also like to go barefoot, so to me sandals are like a compromise. They’re the best of both worlds.

If the weather is warm enough to wear sandals of any type, there’s a solid chance that’s what you’ll find me wearing. I don’t even care if my pedicure is fresh. I will go around with unapologetically naked toes, and if the sandals are cute, that’s all that matters to me.

Here are a few of my favorite summer styles. You can bet I’m getting the most wear out of them that I can while the weather is still nice enough to get away with it!

I love gladiator style sandals and I own several pair. Some of them are high and lace up and I feel extra dressed up and flashy when I wear those. Others are casual, flat heels, they zip or buckle. I even have a couple pair that I got in the kids’ department at the end of the season one year. Hey they were adorable, and no one can tell the difference. (Kids’ shoe sizes go up to about a women’s 7 or more, so that’s definitely something to consider for those who can get away with it! I’m all about saving a few bucks when I can!)

I had a pair of gold gladiator flats that I absolutely loved. The soles were a chocolate brown, and the gold strappy part was a subtle shade, not obnoxious at all, just low-key fun metallic. I wore them with literally everything, up until there was snow on the ground, for several years in a row. I wore them so much that the leather part began to separate. I still haven’t thrown them out, because they were my favorite thing, but I really need to. They are falling apart and not attractive anymore. I just can hardly bring myself to part with them though. I want to find another, similar pair that’s equally cute, and then maybe I can detach.

Flip Flops
I don’t know what you all call this style (thong sandals? Does anyone still use that term??) but to me they will always be flip-flops. I know that was based on the sound that the shoes make when you walk in them. I love this style. You can slip them easily on and off. They’re perfect for warm weather, and truly a summer icon as far as I’m concerned.

I will say, there are cheap plastic two dollar flip flops available from popular clothing retailers, and these CAN work just fine. But this is kind of a scenario where you get what you pay for. I have $20 flip flops, and while that might seem like a lot to spend on something this basic, they’re honestly worth it. Full disclosure, I make pretty decent money these days working for a tree service and landscaping company. However, if you make a livable wage in whatever you do, some good “flops” are totally worth investing in. I’ll tell you why. First of all, the cheapo ones always give me blisters. Second, the $2 versions constantly break. Third, they tend to be super flat. Which can be OK for some people, but the older I get the more I need a bit of padding under my feet. I recommend Reef for really comfy flip flops. They have some excellent options.

I’m going to be real honest with you here. This is still a wish list item for me. I really love some of the new styles they’re coming out with lately. They’re pretty pricey, but from everything I’ve heard, they are worth it. One friend even told me that her Birks were the only thing that helped with her foot pain! (Including medical intervention!) I kind of like the Siena style right now. Although I noticed that Birkenstocks even makes boots and all kinds of different styles of shoes these days! I have a really hard time making up my mind, so that makes it difficult. Plus it’s not like I can just pick up every style they have – Birkenstocks are soooo expensive! I really like them though, and I want this to be my next sandal purchase for sure. From everything I have heard, it’s an investment worth making.