Cowboy Boots

Who doesn’t love a good old pair of cowboy boots? I will admit, I went through a phase where I would wear my cowboy boots with everything. Jeans? Of course. A fancy dress? Most definitely. Going out? Gotta wear my cowboy boots! Running errands? Let me slip on my trusty boots.

I know that cowboy boots can get really pricey. I have a girlfriend who will spend over $200 on just the right, cutest, most embellished pair. That’s not me, though! I got my cowboy boots from a thrift shop, and I’m not even a little ashamed to admit that. I know that some people can be weird about wearing other people’s shoes. Not me, though! I’m no germophobe, and I also happen to know that the thrift shops near me have strict requirements about disinfecting all the shoes that they get through their door anyway.

Anyway, when I found this pair, I knew they were perfect. They fit as if the previous owner was my long lost twin or something! The boots were just broken-in enough to be super comfortable, but still looked new enough that I could wear them and look a little fancy if I wanted to. And for about a year, I was really obsessed with these boots. I wore them anywhere and everywhere. I still wear them all the time, of course, but I’ve toned it down some. My cowboy boots are just part of my rotation, albeit a pretty big part. I also want to make sure that my Chucks and Skechers are getting their fair share of wear time. 🙂

Why spend money at the mall on multiple pairs of “fast fashion” juniors’ or ladies’ boots that will wear out after two seasons, or go out of style by next year? That’s not for me! Cowboy boots never go out of style, and they pair well with just about any outfit. Real, genuine cowboy boots like mine are built to last, too, so you can keep them pretty much for a lifetime. You could kick a cinder block wall while wearing them (ouch?!), or run over them with a truck, and they would probably not be all that much worse for wear. Not that I recommend doing those things. Take care of your boots, and all your shoes, and they will take care of you for a long time yet to come.

I was so fascinated by the cowboy boot phenomenon that I wanted to learn more about the origin of this timeless American classic. I did some research and found out that it was actually the Spanish vaqueros who brought cowboy boots to the united states — along with a lot of other clothing items that we still associate with cowboys today.

I also learned that originally, cowboy boots almost always had a squared off toe area. The pointy toed boots that we are familiar with today, actually didn’t appear until about the 1940’s. Tall cowboy boots are considered the original classics. If you see a shorter style that looks like a cowboy boot, those are known as roper boots. Personally I’m a fan of the classic style, myself.

If you don’t own a pair of cowboy boots, I highly encourage you to pick up a pair. You can get yourself a good pair made of genuine leather and they will really last just about forever. You can match them to any personality, because they come in a variety of colors, embellishments, designs; you can buy them just as flashy or as plain as you prefer. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city, or the suburbs, or in a town, or on a farm. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never ridden a horse. Cowboy boots are a style that will never become obsolete.