Converse All-Stars

Fresh out the box or old and worn in …. Who doesn’t love a classic pair of Chucks?!

I will admit it, I’m obsessed with my Converse All-Star sneakers. Just because I love shoes, that doesn’t mean I’m a high maintenance and fussy person all the time! They’re super comfy, you can wear them with just about anything, and they never go out of style.

Do you ever wonder why Converse are called Chucks? It is because they were actually the first celebrity-endorsed shoe, named after Chuck Taylor when Taylor asked Converse to make a special basketball shoe for him. In fact, the lengths Taylor and Converse went to just to promote these shoes is pretty astounding. I found this article that tells the whole fascinating history of these iconic kicks.

My Chucks have gone with me to concerts, hiking, shopping, and pretty much everywhere I go. I remember one vacation that I took with my friends Jess, Kristen, AJ and Andy. We went to New York City, and we got caught in the rain. We ducked into a cafe and waited out the heaviest rain, but eventually, we needed to get back to our hotel, and the rain was not going to stop anytime soon. We scurried from awning to doorway, trying to stay as dry as possible. We walked three miles like this in the rain. It was a memorable adventure for sure. And yep, you guessed it, I was wearing my Converse the whole time. Thank goodness for shoes made of canvas and rubber! I aired them out back in our hotel using the hair dryer in our room, and sure enough, my Chucks turned out good as new.

I know people who have actually done this!

I’ve even seen people wear Converse to their own wedding! Full wedding dress and tux, and a comfy pair of Chucks to finish off the look. I’m not even kidding. That just proves how versatile and iconic these classic sneakers really are. I’m not married, and I have lots of more fancy styles of shoes that I really love, so I would definitely have to think carefully about what shoes I will wear to my own wedding if that day comes! But you have to admit, there is something eternally cool about a great pair of Converse All Stars.